Digital tours

Whether it's digital tours, 360 tours or the museum guide as an app, there is something for everyone. Discover our museum in a whole new way!

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Digital tours

With our new digital tours, we bring the whole world of the railway to your homes. Embark on a journey to the time when the invention of the railway changed people's mobility from the ground up in a live guided tour. Discover the "Adler", the most famous and first steam locomotive in Germany, the world record-breaking S 2/6 locomotive and learn how a steam locomotive works with the help of a light installation.

Duration 60 min incl. moderation and Q&A session
Costs 250 Euros
Payment On account
Technical requirements

For companies

If you prefer a video conferencing system in your company (e.g. Microsoft Teams), we will be happy to use it. In this case, please discuss this with our service centre. Otherwise, we will use the Microsoft Teams video conferencing system and send you a participation link by e-mail in advance. For smartphones, we recommend the Microsoft Teams app; on a laptop or PC, Teams also works via the browser.

For private individuals

To conduct the digital tour, we use the Microsoft Teams video conferencing system and you will receive a participation link from us in advance by e-mail. For smartphones, the Microsoft Teams app is recommended; on laptops or PCs, Teams also works via the browser.

For the guided tour, one participant must take over the moderation (transmission of questions).