Railway mail coach - Berlin 1419

Travelling post office


Post offices on wheels

For almost 150 years, the railways were the primary means of transport for Germany's mail. They transported letters and parcels from their very beginning. Special mail carriages ran from as early as 1948, resembling miniature post offices on wheels. Mail was sorted during the journey, and letters could be posted when the train made station calls.

The oldest in Germany

"Berlin 1419" is the oldest of these mail coaches remaining today in Germany. It was built by railway equipment company Breslauer AG on behalf of the empire’s postal service in 1888. The coach's fittings included tables, shelves, pigeonholes, skylights, a coal-fired stove, a toilet, a wash basin and special vibration damping made from felt.


Vehicle Hall I

Technische Daten

Breslauer AG für Eisenbahnbedarf
11,630 mm
15.4 t

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