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Get a deeper insight into the world of railways with our interactive workshops and exciting guided tours for the whole family. A perfect day out for technology buffs, design lovers and young rail enthusiasts alike. In addition to our bookable tour programme, we also offer free tours every Sunday (no booking required).

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The beginnings of the railroad + FUTURAILS

Combined tour - With this guided tour you will get to know both the highligh exhibits of our permanent exhibition on the HISTORY OF THE RAILWAY IN GERMANY and our current special exhibition FUTURAILS. The program includes legendary locomotives and cars, exciting hands-on stations and futuristic models.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs 90 Euro (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 20 Persons

Discover the whole world of railways

Introductory tour - Embark on a journey to the time when the invention of the railway changed people's mobility from the ground up. Discover the "Adler", the most famous and first steam locomotive in Germany, the world record-breaking S 2/6 locomotive and learn how a steam locomotive works with the help of a light installation.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs 70 Euro (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 10 persons

FUTURAILS - Wege und Irrwege auf Schienen

Überblicksführung - Erleben Sie die neue Ausstellung „FUTURAILS“ und gehen Sie der Frage auf den Grund, warum sich weder die Alwegbahn noch der Transrapid gegen die Eisenbahn durchsetzen konnte.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs 70 Euro zzgl. Eintritt
Number of participants Max. 20 Personen

The world of rail under one roof

Introductory tour - Embark on an exciting journey into the past and get to know the most important exhibits and vehicles in our collection. Before your tour, you can choose a thematic focus: The railway in the 19th century, Germany's railway and the Third Reich, On separate tracks – Reichsbahn and Bundesbahn in a divided Germany, the railways since reunification, the DB Museum's model collection.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs EUR 90 (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 20 persons

How does the railway work?

Technology tour - What actually happens in a signal box? How can express trains run safely at high speeds, and what is inductive train control? On this tour, you will learn the secrets of this complex system – from the ground-breaking invention of wheel-rail technology to the quest for ever more efficient locomotives and the development of driver's safety devices and magnetic track brakes.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs EUR 90 (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 20 persons

Milestones in locomotive design

Rolling stock tour - What do the Adler, S 2/6, Fliegender Hamburger and ICE have in common? All of them were among the fastest trains of their time. On this tour, we explore the technical achievements and historical context behind the development of ground-breaking high-speed trains, looking at both real locomotives and full-size models.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs EUR 90 (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 20 persons

Bomb-proof – The bunker beneath the DB Museum

Interactive tour - This unusual tour takes you down into the museum's air-raid shelter, a place where rail traffic could be organised in wartime. There you will solve tricky tasks and learn more about life below ground. Learn all about the intriguing history of our bunker.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs EUR 120 (plus museum admission)
Number of participants 6-15 persons

Taste, feel and smell the steam age

For blind and partially sighted visitors - An astonishingly accurate scale model (1:10) allows you to get hands on with the workings of a locomotive. In the vehicle hall, you can experience how these principles were applied on real-life trains. A unique opportunity to literally feel the history of the steam locomotive.

Duration 90 Minutes
Costs EUR 90 (plus museum admission)
Number of participants Max. 8 persons plus companions
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