Guided tours for school classes

Pupils find out what the tracks are made of, why steam trains puff smoke and how fast an ICE can travel. The tour is suitable for a wide range of ages. Group work takes place in our new museum education room. There the pupils can take a closer look at the main topics of the exhibition.

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Highlights for kids

This tour offers your pupils a vivid introduction to the early days of the railway. The pupils get to know the most important exhibits, learn how the railways changed people's lives and have lots of fun finding out how a steam locomotive works. This tour is also available in English and French.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs EUR 40
Age 1st to 7th grade
Participants max. 25 children

The railway ABC

What things make up a railway? It definitely has to have train engines and carriages. But there is much more to railways than that: for example, tracks, signals and train crew. The pupils expand their transport vocabulary and learn to tell their ballast from their bogies.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs EUR 40
Age 1st and 2nd grade
Participants max. 25 children

Adler & Co - wie funktioniert die Dampflok

The pupils play the role of passengers on the inaugural journey along the Nuremberg to Fürth line: Germany's first railway. They look inside a steam locomotive and figure out for themselves how it works. Along the way, they find out all about the development of the railway in the 19th century.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs EUR 40
Age 3rd to 6th grade
Participants max. 25 children

Time-travel at the DB Museum

Today's ICE trains travel from Nuremberg to Berlin in just three hours. But how long did it used to take passengers to cover this distance? The pupils visit five areas of the museum to explore how travel has changed from the steam age to today's high-speed railways.

Duration 60 Minutes
Costs EUR 40
Age 8th grade
Participants max. 20 persons

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Children (aged 6 to 17)5 €
Reduced price7 €
School classes (per person up to and including 13th grade)3 €
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