Tours for children

What better way to learn about the exciting world of the railways than on a discovery tour through the DB Museum? Specially designed for children, the tours include plenty of games and a generous dose of fun.
Parts of the program take place in our new museum education room.

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Chuff chuff, here comes the train

Currently not bookable - A train needs a lot of things before it can start its journey: a track, station and train crew to name just a few of them. Together, the children explore the exhibition to hunt down the objects needed to run the railway. At the end of the tour, they recreate a train journey with a Brio train set.

Duration 45 Minutes
Costs EUR 35
Age Children aged 4
Number of participants 6 to 15 children

The little ICE and Grandpa Adler

Currently not bookable - What's the difference between the driver and the guard? And why can't the ICE whistle like the Adler? Together with the little ICE and Grandpa Adler, the children use games to learn the most important differences between the Adler and the ICE. At the end, they can even compete in a race themselves.

Duration 45 Minutes
Costs EUR 35
Age Children aged 5
Number of participants 6 to 15 children

Tracks are not a playground

Currently not bookable - How should I behave on the way to school? What do I have to pay attention to when a train arrives at the platform? And why are railway tracks such a dangerous place to be? This tour teaches children how to behave on and around the railways and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations when travelling with friends or to and from school – whether by bus or train.

Duration 45 Minutes
Costs EUR 35
Age Children aged 5 to 7
Number of participants 6 to 15 children

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